HD W04

HD W04

Product Specifications

Single Color Wi-Fi Control Card


V1.1 20190612



W04 is a low cost, high cost-effective single color Wi-Fi controller, easy to

operate, better display information, supports variety kinds of single-color

display. For the door lintel screen, store screen and other places information


Application software: HD2018, HD2020 and LedArt (APP)

Connection demo

The mobile phone and laptop can be connected to the Wi-Fi hotspot of

the control card to update the program.


1. Wi-Fi on board, Eliminate installation trouble

2. Support program border, regional border settings, custom borders

3. A variety of action display

4. Support for simple animations word

5. More than 40 kinds of text effects display

6. Support temperature, Humidity, IR remoter

7. Countdown, Count up, Button Countdown, Count up



Control range Single color:512*64,1024*32,1536*16

FLASH Capacity 2M Byte

communication Wi-Fi(within 15meters)



Max 1000pcs,Can play by time section or control by buttons

Area Quantity

20 areas with separate zone, and separated special effects and


Display Showing Text, timing, temperate, humidity, Count, Lunar calendar

Display Sequence display, button switch, remote control

Clock Function

1、Support Digital Clock, Dial Clock, Lunar Time

2、Countdown, Count up, Button Countdown, Count up

3、The Font, size, color and position can be set freely

4、support multiple time zones



Temperatures, Humidity, IR Remoter, Photosensitive sensor, etc.

Automatic Switch


Support timer switch machine

Dimming Support three brightness adjustment mode

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