Yeni HD-R501S

 HD-R501 LED Receiving Card

12*HUB75E 1/32 Scan Full Color LED Display Screen Receiving Card Work With HD A601 A602 A603 A30 A30+ C10 C30

1: Type: Indoor & outdoor full-color & single/dual color module.
2: Scan mode: Static 1-32 scan randomly.
3: Support areas: 256W*192H.
4: Receiving cards connected ways: Receiving card set sequence randomly, it could recognize by automatically or by hand.
5: Gray scale: 0-65536.
6: Smart set: Smart set by few simple steps, through display routine setting, it could suit almost different PCB routine.
7: Play contents: Play video、animation、picture、text、excel、PPT、time、counter etc.
8: Test functions: It have self test button, could test modes of red、green、blue、white、gray、oblique line、grid、spots etc.
9: Time on/time off: Time on /off display by defined and time on/off display by computer.
10: Port: 2pin 5V Power x 1, 1000M Ethernet port x 2, 75E HUB port x 12.
11: Working voltage: DC5V (range 4.5~5.5V).
12: Temperature: -30°C~70°C.

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